Briefing Book for a New Administration: Recommended Policies and Practices for Addressing the Security Risks of a Changing Climate

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With this Briefing Book the Climate and Security Advisory Group (CSAG), a voluntary, non-partisan group of U.S.-based military, national security, homeland security, intelligence and foreign policy experts from a broad range of institutions, composed a list of recommendations which a new U.S. administration should consider in terms of climate change and security. Central to these recommendations is the underlying argument that the new administration “must expand efforts to reduce and manage the security risks of climate change and seize the strategic opportunities presented by such efforts”.

Recommentations thereby include (among others): assigning a cabinet-level official to lead on domestic climate change and security issues; creating climate change leadership within the offices of the National Security Advisor and the Secretary of Defense; creating a Climate and Security Office to promote intradepartmental integration of climate change and security concerns and addressing climate security at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Find the full Briefing Book here.