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The link between climate and security is clear; now is the time for action – Benedetta Berti, NATO

"Climate security is a topic because we know now that changes in climate can have security impacts, climate is a threat multiplier. Issues like desertification and water scarcity can lead to more instability, can fuel conflict, can fuel migration. So there is a very strong link between climate and security.

I think, going forward in the future, there is just no way to think about protection, to think about societal resilience and to think about security without thinking about our planet and without thinking about climate and climate change. As NATO we are thinking about climate and security in a number of ways. One of them is by building resilience: working through coordination, working to make sure that we're better prepared as a society to respond to a natural disaster, including extreme weather.

But we're also working very closely on energy security, and on improving our own energy efficiency and a reduction of our energy consumption. So these are already some of the ways through which we are thinking about how we can do our part."