A game changing? The geopolitics of decarbonisation through the lens of trade


In an analogy to chess, geopolitics of decarbonisation shapes 1) the chess pieces (i.e. the substance of trade), 2) the rules of how to move the pieces across the board (i.e. institutions governing trade) as well as 3) the way the pieces get in motion (transportation that makes trade possible). Overall, the “trade game” can be expected to change profoundly as geopolitics of decarbonisation unfolds.

Among the challenges this has in store for decision-makers are planning for an uncertain future, finding the right balance of priorities and achieving policy coherence. Therefore, the paper highlights selected entry points for EU policy makers to improve the analysis and to advance policy responses, in order to prepare for a changing “trade game”.

Interview with author Daria Ivleva, adelphi

Key points presented by report authors in this webinar

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This scoping paper contributes to the geopolitics of decarbonisation work stream of the Mistra Geopolitcs research programme.

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