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Spotlight session: Climate for peace | BCSC 2023

Panellists took stock of how projects they are implementing are advancing and accelerating the Climate for Peace Initiative's seven-point agenda for action and how these priorities are being realised in different contexts. Launched during BCSC 2022, the Climate for Peace Initiative helps create synergies and facilitate exchange by coordinating resources and needs of committed countries in the field of climate, environment, peace and security. The discussion and implementation of concrete projects is central to the initiative, giving participating countries space to exchange experiences, present and discuss project ideas, make needs clear, support each other financially and match the supply and demand for implementing projects.

Speakers and projects:

Moderated by Christina Wegelein, Head of Climate and Security Division, German Federal Foreign Office 

Production: Laís Clemente Pereira 
Direction, camera and editing: Paulus Müller-Hahl (Lichtbilder) 
The production of this video is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office 
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